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Effective use of I.T. in Business - Where to Start

Our mantra is to be led by business issues and ideas which is why the business is not just the starting point but the anchor point between all steps of our project process.

Getting the right balance between vision and pragmatism when working with technologies that are evolving by the month can be challenging but that is a major part of both the skill and knowledge that we bring to the engagement.

Your business, its markets, suppliers, economics etc. will hopefully be changing a little slower but that may not be true for all time. Bridging the gap between what technology has to offer (and at what reasonable costs!) with your business is what we at Business before Technology do!.

Some time later, when you are confident that we understand what you want to achieve and the constraints within which you want us to work (budget, timescales etc.), THEN we can then help you:

  • Choose domain names for your e-mail and Web Site(s) - for offline marketing as well as on!
  • Decide the layout and structure of your site
  • Decide how each page is laid out and what should be common to every page
  • Choose the best style of navigation for your prospects
  • Decide what critical words, phrases and pages must be on your site
  • Get you "noticed" on the Web - primarily via Search Engines but depending upon your business you may have other ways of doing so
  • Manage and maintain your site to keep the content fresh and relevant
  • Measure the performance of the site and make amendments to suit changes in users, markets, competitors, technologies etc.

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