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What we and our associates offer

Business before Technology specialises in the support of individuals and small businesses who want to make use of technology in a safe, secure and effective manner but don't have the time or inclination to become I.T. experts to do so.

The services provided range from business application design, development and hosting all the way through to the provision of high-specification hardware for individuals who want their PC to act as a multimedia server.

From time to time there will be specific offers targetted at problems which are common to many situations. As of June 2004, our most frequently requested services are:

  • Preventing and ameliorating the effects of Viruses, Worms and similar computer infestations
  • Preventing and ameliorating the effect of Spam
  • The design, development, deployment and ongoing hosting of Web and e-mail services, particularly for companies that have a limited product range (say 100 items) and want to update their Web content, including price and availability themselves.

To achieve the latter, we have a very close working relationship with a company called Net Business Goals which provide hosting services at: Internet Hosting Services.

The tools of our (PC Protection) Trade

Selecting the right technology to match a set of customer requirements has to be more than "What you get is what I know".

Although the selection below and to the right is limited to a small number of product and service providers, we constantly evaluate new entrants when they come to markets with relevant technologies.


MessageLabs is the leading provider of managed email security services to businesses worldwide. The company currently protects more than 8,500 global businesses from email threats such as viruses, spam and other unwanted content before they reach their networks and without requiring additional hardware or software. Powered by a global network of control towers that currently spans the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Hong Kong, MessageLabs scans 50 million emails a day on behalf of customers such as The British Government, The Bank of New York, EMI Music, HealthPartners, StorageTek, Air Products and Chemicals, SC Johnson, Cond Nast Publications, Fujitsu and Diageo. For more information on MessageLabs and its industry-leading email security and management services, please visit: www.messagelabs.com

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