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Site design - ours and yours!

Our site is designed with three objectives in mind:

  • to let visitors know what Business before Technology does, and some of the how, why and who-with
  • to be easy to use by adopting "best practises" and user dialogues from the best sites of the Web
  • to look attractive but not distractive from the business purpose (sorry about the corrupted English)

with the overall aim of showing you by example what we believe is appropriate for an I.T. services company to have as a presence on the Internet.

Because a lot of what you might want to know about us is across several Web pages we are keeping links to different pages as low profile until you have seen them - they will then be seen in a bright blue so that you can recognise them and also remember the content that those links represent. This is only one style of Web design we have obviously used many others appropriate to their business context.

What if you don't like the way that these pages are laid out?

Your company may need something completely different to these pages but rather than try to pre-judge what that might be we offer to demonstrate the look and feel of any other site that you have seen on the Web as part of our proposal to your company. That way you can see that we have the capability and you get to refine what you want at a very early stage. Bear in mind that different types of business have very different target audiences and even with similar audiences the layout, style, interactivity and many other aspects of the site will depend completely on the purpose(s) that the site is being used for.

Please however note that we are not betraying our company principles and even it's name. We cannot stress strongly enough that decisions about technology should always be a late phase in any project, however it is reasonable that a customer gains confidence in us as a potential supplier by a variety of means - this prototyping is a method that can greatly assist that aim.

At Business before Technology, we take pride in being open-minded but will always call out to the project sponsor what we believe is in the best interests of the business even if that is contentious.

At the end of the day (/project!), you, the project sponsor are the sole arbiter of how your business proposition should be deployed and portrayed on the Web! and if 3D spinning dice is what you feel is appropriate on the home page - so-be-it.

Like the site?

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