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What technologies compromise security/privacy and why

Security really does matter - do you understand and manage the risks?

Anyone wanting to completely avoid the risks that arise from technolgies has only one option - not to use them! and that option will only be available for a few more years!

Any typical web user has a variety of web sites that they log into and various technologies that they use to do so and that immediately creates the problem that a general purpose/usage PC is sometimes used to perform actions which are dealing with assets that are very, very attractive to criminals who have armies of people and PCs at their disposal to fight their way through your defences.

Take a read through the links below to get a better understanding of the problems and what might suit you in terms of solutions in protecting your assets. This material is in draft form as at October 2007 but will be refined as and when I get chance but that will happen faster with your feedback as I am always open to suggestions which might make what I could refer to as a 'brain dump' into something intelligible by people who have less knowledge of how I.T. works... enjoy the read and let me know the high and low spots!

  • Technologies at risk - where are the weakest links and what creates highest risk and which do both?
  • How to manage passwords - do you use the same passwords for different sites - do they vary in their risk to your assets?
  • Wireless security WPA not WEP - wireless is great (fun for hackers!) - how big name suppliers (e.g. a large 'phone line provider!) are still allowing you to hacked from the street

If you want to ask questions then please do so in a manner that everyone can share the answers and even help each other at: http://bb4t.co.uk/forum/index.php which is where I started to articulate some ideas on these topics but then realised that a forum needs to have a separate place for such material even though the discussion need to be at the forum.

Links and other information last validated on 27th October 2007. Please use the Contact us page to suggest any additions or revisions.

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