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Outlook Express, what issues it creates and what to do about it

What is the problem with e-mail, Spam, Viruses and Worms?

Survival in an "always on" world operating at the speed of light while connected to billions of computers and people doesn't need to be down to luck. PC users in particular need to create their own luck by:

  • Following some simple, persistent rules which "IT experts" simply regard as common sense but are often unable to explain that without geek-speak.
  • Keeping aware of the threats and acting upon advice when they are advised to do so by someone they can trust
  • Make changes to their computing environment to make it as resilient as dictated by the business need. For example - if the unavailability of a working PC environment would cost a business just two hundred pounds for a three day outage then don't just backup the application data!
  • Doing some basic, administrative actions on a regular and occasionally frequent basis to protect their resilient PC environment

To understand more about the threats that arise as a result of using a PC for your business or personal use, take a read at: the Sophos site which explains in simple terms what the different types of threat are and gives examples of their effects.

This section of the site relates to Outlook Express although almost all of the material is equally relevant to users of the MS product "Outlook (200x)". The major differences are in the screen layouts and navigation / menu hierarchy within the products. Outlook Express is the "free" version of the e-mail client that is bundled with MS Internet Explorer and is designated the same version number. If you run MSIE v6.1 then you can run Outlook Express v6.1.

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I hope that these pages are useful. Any Comments, suggestions or corrections to: Contact us please. This would be especially useful if the software environment you have is different to mine and the headings, text or prompts are different.

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