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Safe and Secure PC Networks - including Wireless(WiFi) in South Manchester and East Cheshire

Want to share resources in your business and also access the Internet?

A single PC attached to the Internet is easy to make secure and so is a Local Area Network (LAN for brevity) which simply shares resources between PCs - so what's the problem with PC networks?

Sharing is easy - stopping it isn't!

The combination of networking PCs and allowing access to the Internet really is the danger zone. Not only are networked PCs less secure but the risk is far greater because when 1 PC is compromised the others become even easier targets.

To create a simple but safe network of PCs we install appropriate software (and if necessary, hardware too) on each PC to allow you to share resources between your own PCs but without sharing them with everyone else on the Internet. We also ensure that any Wireless network is made secure from drive-by criminals or even a neighbour who wants to use your broadband for free.

Nothing to lose or Everything to lose - give us a call!

Call us now for a discussion about what you want to do and we will be happy to help you translate that into what you might need to do or buy to achieve what you want.

Call 08 456 442 938 (UK! local rate call) for answers in the language of business rather than 'I.T.'.

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This site is part of Business before Technology, whose primary site is: http://business.before-technology.co.uk

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